Do you live uber-greenly like Colin Beavan, the eco New Yorker better known as No Impact Man — and wish your neighbors would too? If you were inspired to ecofy your life after watching the green documentary film No Impact Man, here’s a chance to inspire your neighbors. Screen No Impact Man in your community during Earth Week in April!

We at MNN have learned a lot from No Impact Man — from the sustainable joys of sustainable living to tips on green parenting. In fact, fellow MNN blogger Shea Gunther was inspired to take part in No Impact Week to further his green already-very-eco bicycling lifestyle!

For $100 — or less, if you appeal for a reduced fee — you can get a license to host a small screening between April 18 and 25 — along with a DVD, access to an RSVP registration system for your audience members, and an electronic screening toolkit with everything you need to market your event.

Try working with your local library events coordinator, nearby environmental nonprofit organizations, or schools to put a screening together. Get your payment in by April 9 — and get ready to inspire your neighbors to go green this Earth Day. Haven’t seen No Impact Man yet? Rent it or buy the DVD to find out how greening your lifestyle can make for a happier life too.

Screen 'No Impact Man' this Earth Week
Inspire your neighbors to live more sustainably this April by organizing an eco-documentary screening.