The Arcimboldo Series: Darth Vader

Photos courtesy of Klaus Enrique

In his "Arcimboldo" series, New York-based sculptor and photographer Klaus Enrique meticulously arranges organic materials to form unsettling sculptural busts that innovate and pay homage to the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, a 16th century Italian painter who originated this unconventional style.

Enrique's strange portraits are as vividly imaginative as they are morbidly fascinating, and much like Arcimboldo's work before him, they can be best described as "still lifes that are anything but."

Although some of Enrique's works resemble famous people or characters, such as Darth Vader (above), many of his most striking pieces are his self-portraits, like the one below:

The Arcimboldo Series: Self-portrait I made of bananas and plantains

While Arcimboldo's work lives on to this day in various museums, Enrique's sculptures are unequivocally ephemeral and now only survive through photographic documentation. Continue below for just a small sampling of these remarkable busts, and be sure to check out Enrique's portfolio on his website.

The Arcimboldo Series: Titian


The Arcimboldo Series: Self-portrait II made of eggs

"Self-portrait II"

The Arcimboldo Series: Terminator


The Arcimboldo Series: Self-portrait III made of garlic and sprigs

"Self-portrait III"

The Arcimboldo Series: Frankenstein's Monster

"Frankenstein's Monster"

The Arcimboldo Series: Gandhi I

"Gandhi I"

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