While Animal Planet preps for the launch of yet another season of the hit reality series "Whale Wars," the network is also quietly prepping a one-hour documentary on Namibia's brutal seal slaughter. 


Like "Whale Wars," the aptly titled "Seal Wars" follows the efforts of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to document and intervene on behalf of threatened or mistreated animals. The situation in Namibia is particularly dire, where more than 85,000 Cape fur seals (the majority are pups) are clubbed or shot to death. According to Humane Society International, such methods are not only cruel but also unsustainable to the South African seal population. 


Last year, Sea Shepherd launched Operation Desert Seal in an effort to expose "Namibia's dirty little secret" and drive international awareness "until the Southern Hemisphere's sole seal cull is abolished." The group finds it even more egregious that the culling takes place in a Namibian nature reserve, violating what they say are national and international laws. 


“We created quite a controversy in Namibia, we can’t disclose what footage we captured, as Animal Planet have exclusive rights to it for the show ‘Seal Wars’," said SSCS's Steve Roest, who led the team into Namibia, on Facebook last year. “But the suggestion by the Namibian government that we breached their National Security and the fact that they used the navy, army and police to keep this slaughter hidden speaks volumes to the corruption involved.”


A phenomenal first trailer for the new "Seal Wars" documentary has just been released. If you've seen the Academy Award-winning film "The Cove," you'll get excited all over again, witnessing the high-tech lengths that Sea Shepherd went to to capture this cruel hunt on film. This is truly one hour of television that looks to be well worth your time. 


Check it out below. "Seal Wars" is slated to hit Animal Planet on June 8. 



Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.