As we saw in "Into the Wild", the 2007 biographical drama about Christopher McCandless and his travels across North America, Sean Penn has a knack for creating riveting films that reflect the true events their based on. According to a new Variety report, the 52-year-old is getting ready to helm yet another story of survival and nature called "Crazy for the Storm." 


Based on a best-selling memoir of the same name by Norman Ollestad, the film will tell the harrowing tale of the author's survival in the San Gabriel Mountains after a plane crash kills his father and two other companions. Ollestad was only 11 when the disaster happened in 1979.


"For me CFTS is a book about my life of adventure with my father—the bond we developed through those adventures—and how his beautiful point of view on life ultimately saved my life," Ollestad said in an interview.


Variety is saying that Josh Brolin is currently in discussions to play Ollestad's father. If all goes well, it's estimated that shooting will begin in early 2013. 




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Sean Penn to direct new survival drama
'Crazy for the Storm' to be based on the true story of a horrific plane crash and the 11-year-old boy who survived.