Sean Penn's J/P Haitian Relief Organization, which has been working to rebuild people's lives in the earthquake-devastated country, has just received one its largest-ever grants. 

The World Bank yesterday (March 13) announced that it will be giving $8.75M to the organization to help move 14,000 people currently living in a tent city on a private golf course outside the capital. At one point, more than 60,000 people were living on the grounds. The money will fund a 16-month project for rent subsidies or new housing in the nearby Delmas 32 neighborhood throughout 2014. A spokesman for Penn told the NY Post that the charity will “support the residents of Delmas 32 to demonstrate that something fundamentally different can come from a ‘slum’ in one of the poorest cities in the world.”

Since 2010, Penn has tirelessly worked in the country to help the millions displaced by the disaster; going so far as to give a lifelong commitment to the Haitian people. "There's no end point," he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2011. "This is where I'll be when I'm not working, for the rest of my life." Last summer, he urged the world not to forget about the region - and to continue offering aid to speed up progress. 

"There is a human obligation to help," he said, listing education and roads as first priorities. "But finally the key will be creating jobs, jobs that will create a middle-class and push us out of the country except to be tourists. This is ultimately the goal."

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Sean Penn's Haiti charity receives $8.75M from World Bank
Money will be used to build homes for 14,000 earthquake victims currently living in tents on a private golf course.