The "Reading Rainbow" comeback fundraiser just received a huge boost of support from Seth MacFarlane. The "Family Guy" creator is pledging to match every dollar given to the campaign above the $4 million mark. 

"If we can reach our $5 million stretch goal in the next five days, we'll meet our goals of bringing Reading Rainbow to more platforms and 7,500 classrooms," writes host LeVar Burton. "AND that means that Seth will provide a full $1,000,000 in matching funds, taking us a total of $6,000,000, and letting us reach 5,000 MORE CLASSROOMS!

"That means that if we raise the remaining million, we won't just get 7,500 classrooms ... we'll get more than 12,500 CLASSROOMS!," he adds. 

Reading Rainbow pledge goal
The new $6 million goal is well above the original $1 million the "Reading Rainbow" group sought back in May. So great was the swell of support for a revival of the classic children's television series that they crossed the $2 million mark in only a few days. 
"I am overwhelmed," an emotional Burton said in a Reddit AMA. "Yesterday was an amazing day and quite emotional. To have reached our goal in roughly 11 hours was beyond our wildest imaginings. The fact that so many people have become a part of this, and are donating $1, $5, $10 — this is, I believe, a response to the need for people to feel like they can make a difference. It's been interesting, because along this journey we have heard from many people in terms of our business model — do you think Reading Rainbow is still relevant? Yesterday proved beyond the shadow of a doubt the relevancy of Reading Rainbow's mission. AND the importance of reading in this culture."

While MacFarlane has remained silent on his generous pledge, his interest in seeing "Reading Rainbow" expand to more classrooms is not necessarily surprising. The 40-year-old funnyman was the driving force behind the recent "Cosmos" reboot and he has regularly focused his philanthropy on education.

"Before you start calling your friends and spreading the word, please help me thank my friend, Seth, for his amazing generosity," Burton writes. "You can send him some love on Twitter as @SethMacFarlane, or post in the comments below, but however you do it, please give him some love. With his help, we can make an even bigger difference for an entire generation of kids. That's just huge. But you don't have to take my word for it."

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Seth MacFarlane pledges $1M to help 'Reading Rainbow'
Children's television series is attempting to reach $6 million in donations before July 2.