Perhaps no other celebrity has enjoyed more success in the new decade than former "Golden Girl" star Betty White. From hosting "Saturday Night Live" to starring in Super Bowl commercials and a new television series, the 88-year-old has certainly shown that age is no barrier for a Hollywood comeback.

Nor is she just letting all this fame translate into only dollar signs. White, a longtime animal advocate, has been stepping up her philanthropy lately to take advantage of the spotlight — particularly when it comes to supporting the Morris Animal Foundation.

The organization, which honored the actress last May with a special fund in her name, has just announced the 2011 Betty White Calendar, with the tagline "America's Newest Pin-Up Girl".

For 12 months, you'll be treated to a hilarious array of photos featuring White flanked by tanned, muscled men, with all of the proceeds benefiting the organization.

The calendar is priced at $12.99 and will go on sale in September. Pre-orders are available now through

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