What better way to make Earth Month sexy than by — studying the reproductive habits of marine animals? Well, at least Sundance and Isabella Rossellini (Blue Velvet, Death Becomes Her) are curious about what secret seductions go on under the sea.

The watery covers will be lifted come April 1, when the second season of 'Green Porno' — a series of short films that looks at the bizarro sex lives of starfish, barnacles and other marine creatures — turns on the Sundance Channel. Here’s the sexy preview:

New to "Green Porno"? Get seduced by the series by watching the first season, which focused on tiny creepy-crawlies — earthworms, snails, bugs and other teensy wrigglers — with Isabella acting the part of the creatures themselves!

If "Green Porno" makes you bug-curious to find out more about the critters, find your G-spot on the Green Porno Eco-mmunity Map, which lists animal mating locations, insect zoos and habitats.

Image: Courtesy Sundance Channel

Sexy sea creatures
The second season of Sundance's 'Green Porno' will lift the covers on the sex lives of marine animals.