Shailene Woodley, best known for her work in the television series "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" and opposite George Clooney in "The Descendents," chatted with Conan O'Brien last night about everything from her love of toads to her far-from-Hollywood lifestyle.

"I live in this magical land called Topanga Canyon," the 21-year-old said. "There's no cell phone reception. Very little Internet. There's a public library that people actually go to.

"I definitely live a different lifestyle I would say than a lot of people I know or have met," she added. 

Woodley, who stars in the upcoming film "The Spectacular Now," has long been passionate about environmental issues and living in harmony with the natural world. In an interview with Coco Eco last year, she said her High School years set her on the path to crafting a more sustainable lifestyle. 

"I've always had this thing for trees; I think they are just so profound, so when I was about fifteen and in high school, I was watching the trees and the leaves blowing in the wind," she said. "The juxtaposition of the wind blowing, and the leaves and the trash from the school lunch in the air, made me so mad. Ever since then I have just had this really intense passion for educating myself and other people, on the environment and what we're doing to the planet. We are part of the environment. There's this big green initiative right now, which is exciting and great, but I think people forget that we are nature and so if we intend to treat our planet with love and fix it, we have to fix ourselves and treat each other with love. It's more than just recycling or picking up a piece of trash, or turning off the water when you're brushing your teeth. It's about treating everything with compassion and love, including humanity."

While Conan O'Brien admits her wouldn't last very long out in the wilds ("...unless I saw a hamburger growing on a branch," he quips), Woodley thinks she'd be able to handle at least a few days with the elements. Indeed, the actress admitted last year that she tries to supplement at least 35 percent of her diet with "wild foods."

"Like I live in Los Angeles and I'll go an hour away into the mountains and I'll find stinging nettle and mugwart and a bunch of other herbs that you can use medicinally," she told Rachael Ray. "Stinging nettle is so tasty, it's like spinach, it's so good for you too! It's very nutritional."

Check out Woodley's interview on "CONAN" below. 

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Shailene Woodley shares love of nature on 'Conan'
Actress tells O'Brien that she lives a life very much in touch with the natural world.