With Shark Week in full swing on the Discovery Channel, it's only fitting that a new horror film about the ocean's greatest predators would emerge. Whereas the 1975 horror film "Jaws" placed the bad guy label squarely on a giant man-eating great white, the perfectly titled "Bait" aims for something a bit sinister. 

According to sources, the film focuses on a young man working at an upscale resort who comes to resent the wealthy people around him. Nevertheless, he decides to flirt with a woman — in the process getting beat up and humiliated by her boyfriend. This sends him over the edge, and he plots revenge by hijacking a boat full of rich kids and "disposing" of them one by one to a circling pack of blood-frenzied sharks. 

If it weren't for the writer, you might expect this thing to land on the SyFy network, but Bret Easton Ellis ("American Psycho," "Rules of Attraction") is brilliant at bringing upper-class mental madmen to life. Paul Schrader, who is best known for penning the screenplays for "Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull," has also been signed on to direct. 

Producer Braxton Pope told The Hollywood Reporter that Schrader and Ellis will "elevate the genre" and “create a distinct take on a summer, youth thriller.”

Of course, the above is not to be confused with the Australian movie "Bait 3D," which could lead Ellis and Co. to reconsider their title. Soon to be released, that film features a group of tsunami survivors trapped inside a supermarket — that also happens to be the new home of a pack of man-eating tiger sharks. Seriously. Said writer Russell Mulcahy:

"The world is very wary of tsunamis and the danger of them. People are very wary of sharks. But the combination of those has never been put into a safe situation where you go down to buy your milk." 

And that quote right there is why I love horror movies. Check out a trailer for "BAIT 3D" below. 

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