Whichever ad agency came up with this shockingly hilarious ad for the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week," I applaud your genius. Well done. 

The 30-second spot features a fictional newscast on the release of a previously injured seal named "Snuffy" and the large crowd that gathers to give him a fond bon voyage back to the sea. Unfortunately for Snuffy, while being lowered from a platform, a great white shark jumps up and permanently cuts short the celebration. After some cursing from the news anchor, the Shark Week logo pops up with the words: "It's a bad week to be a seal. For the rest of us it's pretty awesome."


This year's Shark Week, which kicks off Aug. 4th, will feature 12 shark-filled specials (up from last year's eight) as well as a first-ever late night talk show called "Shark After Dark" dedicated to the theme. Highlights include a first-ever robotic shark cam, Louisiana's "Voodoo Sharks," real shark-attack footage from eye-witnesses. Like past years, Discovery will also use the week-long event to promote ocean conservation through partnerships with Oceana, NOAA and One World One Ocean

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Shark Week's 'Snuffy the Seal' commercial is one of the best
In the first promo for its annual shark-themed programming, Discovery Channel uses dark comedy to make a big splash.