The studio behind last summer's Syfy hit "Sharknado," needs your help to fund a special scene for the sequel, "Sharknado II: The Second One. If successful, they'll not only give the world a bonus moment of "sharks and chainsaws," but also help fund a marine conservation program at the University of Miami. 

"The production team has come up with the idea to crowd fund a brand-new bonus scene, just for our fans," the Indiegogo campaign site reads. "You guys made SHARKNADO the most culturally relevant film of last year. Now we want you to be able to say that this time, you actually had a hand in making the film."

"And, because we feel kind of bad about all the CGI sharks we've obliterated in our oeuvre, we're also donating 10% of the proceeds from this campaign to the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program at the University of Miami, which works tirelessly to save real live sharks in trouble! 

The stated goal of $50,000 will go towards crew and equipment, special effects, and the stated donation to the University of Miami. As for the scene itself, all they could reveal at this time is that it will involve "sharks, chainsaws, and chainsaws being used in the vicinity of sharks."

For those looking to go above and beyond the standard donation, The Asylum has thrown in some additional perks - such a walk-on role in the film (with either a death or heroic scene), your name in the credits, or even (for a cool $25,000), an Associate Producer credit. Boom! That's some instant (and expensive) IMDB cred right there! 

Check out a promo for the fundraiser below. "Sharknado II: The Second One" will be released July 30th at 9PM. 

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'Sharknado 2' crowdsourcing special scene to benefit actual sharks
Asylum, the studio behind the hit Syfy film, will use a portion of the proceeds to benefit a shark conservation program at the University of Miami.