It appears that Mother Nature's unusual relationship with airborne sharks will not be ending anytime soon. 

The SyFy Channel has given the greenlight to "Sharknado 3," with plans to have the next film in the disaster/horror/comedy franchise bow next summer. The sequel to the 2013 hit, this time set in New York Cty, is slated to premiere on July 30th. 

"I'm just as stunned as everyone else," Sharknado star Tara Reid told HLN earlier this year. "Come on, I did it as a joke! I didn't even think anyone was going to see it. And then what happened has never happened before on any movie. Even now, you thought the buzz was going to stop about Sharknado, but it just keeps going."

While SyFy has yet to announce what unfortunate city will next be graced by a sharknado (Miami? Portland? Sydney?), some are already questioning the science behind a third film. 

Damn you, climate change!

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'Sharknado 3' to wreak havoc on some new city next summer
SyFy gives the greenlight for a trilogy ahead of the second film's release in July.