Look out Big Apple: flying, hungry sharks are coming to take a bite. 

The Syfy Channel has finally announced what everyone was expecting: "Sharknado 2" is a go, and the violent, man-eating, death tube-saturated tornadoes have their sights on New York City next. 

“Every once in a while, there is a perfect storm — on television,” said Thomas Vitale, executive vice president for programming, said in statement. “The fans are clamoring for a sequel. Or perhaps it will be a prequel. What we can guarantee is that Sharknado 2 will be lots of fun.

“We'll be announcing more details very soon. But we didn't want our fans to worry they wouldn't get their fill of more shark fin, I mean fun, next year."

While the original "Sharknado" only captured about 1.4 million in the ratings, the word-of-mouth online was intense — with mentions of the show averaging a record-breaking 5,000 tweets per-minute. Syfy execs are hoping for more love from viewers during a re-airing this evening on the channel.

No word yet on if Syfy will re-team with director Anthony C. Ferrante and writer Thunder Levin on the sequel, but in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter the pair appeared up for one. 

"We always joked about sequels and what would it take to top this one, but nothing ever official," Ferrante said, estimating that the original "Sharknado" cost about $1 million to make. "This being so successful, I can't imagine they wouldn't do another one — and if we could find a way to top ourselves, I'd love to come back."

In an effort to get fans involved, Syfy has announced that fans can submit sequel subtitle ideas through Twitter. The winner gets fame, glory, and hopefully, an appearance in "Sharknado 2." Some of my favorites so far include "Eye of the Tiger Shark, "Aftersharks," "Chew York, Chew York" and "Time Square Shark Scare." 

"Sharknado 2" will arrive summer 2014. 

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'Sharknado' sequel to take bite out of New York City
Syfy Channel asks fans to come up with a clever subtitle for its next chapter in the new 'Sharknado' franchise.