Go ahead and watch the trailer for the Syfy Channel's upcoming masterpiece "Sharknado" and give thanks to the amazing writers, producers, actors, and executives that actually makes moments like these possible. 

The plot is straight out of B-Movie heaven and involves a freak hurricane hitting Los Angeles (It's possible - San Diego apparently got slammed by one back in 1858), spawning tornadoes that pick up sharks and chuck them everywhere. The hilarity is that the sharks don't even seem to mind - and are more ferocious than ever as they consume fleeing residents.

A recent positive review from Jeffrey Long of The B-Movie Shelf lays out just some of the fun we're in for with this flick: 

"We have scenes of sharks flying in through windows, high winds knocking a Ferris wheel off its holdings and rolling down a street while at the same time sharks are falling down from the sky around it and trying to munch down on people, one of the sharks being knocked out by a bar stool being used as a bat, sharks swimming through a flooded Los Angeles and viciously attacking cars and chowing down on pedestrians, a shark shooting up into the air from out of a manhole only to get blasted mid-air by a shotgun blast, the main cast breaking into a hardware store and arming up on guns, chainsaws, and homemade explosives to battle the shark infestation, and of course the actual title mash-up itself of swarms of sharks being tossed around through the air by three giant F5-category tornadoes with all the damage, destruction, death, and fun moments of campy cheese that you would expect from such an amazingly unique sight!"


Are you ready? "Sharknado" premieres July 11 on SyFy at 9/8c.

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'Sharknado' trailer proves the Syfy Channel loves us
Sharks + Tornadoes = the greatest thing you'll see all week.