Shanghai Freeway Sunrise

Images: Fong Qi Wei

This trippy animation of a freeway in Shanghai is the result of combining over 30 photo stills taken in the city over the course of a day. The GIF is part of Fong Qi Wei's mesmerizing "Time in Motion" series, which builds off "Time is a Dimension," a prior photo project that splices moments of time into a single image.

"I wondered what it would look like if I shifted time within each slice," Wei tells MNN. "[And I] found that the effects could be pretty cool!"

It can takes days for Wei to compile his image files into his meticulously animated works of art. Check out his website for more of these beautiful GIFs, including the 10-13 MB high resolution versions.

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Glassy sunrise
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Tanah lot
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Shimmering GIFs show passage of time over Shanghai
This trippy animation is the result of combining over 30 stills taken in Shanghai over the course of a day.