The Brig Unicorn, an iconic vessel that featured in all three of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, as well as the 1977 award-winning TV series "Roots," sank in a freak accident off the coast of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on Saturday. 

According to reports, the Unicorn was en route to St. Lucia for repairs when it buckled in choppy waters and began sinking. All ten crew members aboard the ship were rescued before it descended to Davy Jones' Locker. 

For those that grew up in St. Lucia, the sinking of The Brig Unicorn is causing an upswell of emotion and remembrances. For Chester Connell of the St. Lucia News Online, it also represents a loss of Caribbean history

"As an individual with a passion for history and heritage, aware that the Caribbean has been - and still is - an epicentre for things maritime, that my mother’s father was a leading shipwright of Bequia and that, sadly, I possess not one iota of Bertram Wallace’s shipbuilding skills, it is troubling to see yet another icon of our Caribbean maritime heritage, another carrier of our entrepreneurial spirit and progress, go down, like so many vessels before her, with most of her story, and those of the people who helped make it, unexplored, unchartered, untold."
The Brig Unicorn is now the second historical vessel featured in the "Pirates" films to have sank. The first, a replica of the HMS Bounty, sank off the coast of North Carolina during Hurricane Sandy October 29, 2012. Two people, including the ship's captain, were killed. 

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Ship featured in 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise sinks
The Brig Unicorn, on its way to St. Lucia for repairs, encountered difficulties along the journey and sank. No one was hurt.