The pain that follows from the bite of the notorious Black Widow spider is often described as "excruciating" with hallucinations, word-slurring, and all sort of other complications. While rarely lethal, a bite from a Black Widow does require a visit to the emergency room - something singer Beck recently experienced while recording his new album "Morning Phase." 

In a new interview with NPR, the 43-year-old says he received the unwelcome visitor while in the studio. 

"I got bit by a black widow in the middle of this recording session," he says laughing. "I was in the hospital, and my arm was all swollen up."

According to MedLinePlus, patients can expect to undergo a battery of tests to examine how the venom is impacting bodily functions. Antivenom medication may also be prescribed to reverse the effects and alleviate pain. Severe symptoms will improve in 2-3 days, while milder effects may persist for as long as several weeks. 

While the antivenin has saved many lives, it carries dangers of its own," writes Jackson Landers, a professional outdoorsman who was bitten in 2013. "Some patients turn out to have a life-threatening allergy to horse proteins. So the medicine is given only if the victim seems to be at death’s door; most patients are expected to tough it out, an ordeal that can take days."

You can check out Landers talking more about his encounter with the Black Widow below. To preview Beck's new album, jump here

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Singer Beck bitten by a black widow spider during recording session
Artist says he was sent to the hospital with a swollen arm as a result of the attack.