The Smithsonian Institution, the world's largest museum and research complex, is recognized around the world for its dedication to the arts and sciences.

Its annual photo contest supports that mission, highlighting images that showcase all the world has to offer. This year, the Smithsonian received 48,000 submissions from 155 countries and territories in the following categories — Natural World, The American Experience, Travel, People, Altered Images and Mobile.

Finalists have been announced in every category, which is what we're sharing here, but there's also an opportunity to weigh in: You can vote for the Readers' Choice award. Voting is limited to one vote per person per day.

To make sure you're a well-educated voter, here's some information about each of the finalists. Photographer Tanya Sharapova is a finalist in the Altered Images category. She captured the image above of a rhino in Chitwan National Parkin Nepal. "It was a pure adventure to follow wild rhinos in their natural habitat," Sharapova said in her submission. "The red color of the grass comes from my imagination."

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brown bear eating fish Smithsonian photo competition; 'Bear and Salmon'
'Bear and Salmon' is another finalist in the Natural World category. (Photo: © Roie Galitz. All rights reserved.)

Photographer Roie Galitz captured this brown bear successfully catching a salmon at Kuril Lake, Russia. "There is no happier bear than a bear with a fresh salmon in his mouth!"

Smithsonian photo competition solar eclipse USA
'Summit Eclipse' is a finalist in The American Experience category. (Photo: © Jason Hatfield. All rights reserved.)

Jason Hatfield hiked for two days, crossed two glaciers and climbed for more than 12 hours to watch the total solar eclipse along with other mountaineers at Gannett Peak, the highest mountain peak in Wyoming.

Smithsonian Hurricane Irma photo
'My Post-Irma Street' is another finalist in The American Experience category. (Photo: © Sandra Portal-Andreu. All rights reserved.)

Not every finalist traveled far to take a compelling image. Sandra Portal-Andreu lives in Miami, and her neighborhood was hit by Hurricane Irma last year. She took this photo of her 5-year-old son walking along a debris-filled street in their neighborhood.

Smithsonian aerial photo, dyed bundles of incense
Decoratively dyed bundles of incense dry in Quang Phu Cau, a commune in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Photo: © Tran Tuan Viet. All rights reserved.)

Tran Tuan Viet's photo of bundled incense almost looks like a painting. Viet said incense "is an irreplaceable part of traditional festivals and religious ceremonies" in Buddhist countries like Vietnam.

Smithsonian lava flow photo competition; 'Ray of Zeus'
'Ray of Zeus' is a finalist in the Natural World category. (Photo: © Florent Mamelle. All rights reserved.)

"On New Year’s Eve in 2016, a sea cliff collapsed near Kalapana on Big Island, Hawaii. A dramatic stream of lava, called a fire hose, started to shoot out of the cliff," Florent Mamelle said in his submission. "Before the sunrise, I captured this dramatic picture, where the lava cascaded into the ocean, creating steam and lava bombs."

Here are some of the other finalists:

Smithsonian photography competition bird image
Finalist in the Altered Images category. (Photo: © Pedro Jarque Krebs. All rights reserved.)
Smithsonian photo competition young woman Iran
Niloofar is an Iranian nomad girl living in the Babanajm nomad region south of Shiraz city in Fars Province, Iran. (Photo: © Seyed Mohammad Sadeg. All rights reserved.)
Smithsonian photo competition people category
A refugee of the Democratic Republic of Congo swims on his back in the waters of Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro. (Photo: © Fabio Teixeira. All rights reserved.)
yaks by water Smithsonian photo
'Yaks Beside Pangong Lake' is another finalist in the Travel category. (Photo: © Yusuf Chiniwala. All rights reserved.)
smithsonian cellphone photo; A man cycles past Tatsuo Miyajima’s 'Counter Void' installation in Tokyo
A man cycles past Tatsuo Miyajima’s 'Counter Void' installation in Tokyo. (Photo: © Laurence Bouchard. All rights reserved.)
Smithsonian mobile category photo competition New York City
This picture was taken during the New Year holiday in NYC from the Roosevelt Island aerial tramway. Despite the rain, there is a festive mood in the frame. Raindrops resemble Christmas balls. (Photo: © Tatiana Borodina. All rights reserved.)

You can vote for the Reader's Choice Award until March 27.