"The Price is Right" kicked off a celebrity-fueled charity week yesterday, with rapper Snoop Dogg taking the reins and assisting host Drew Carey with helping the contestants. “The feeling was still here," he said, explaining that the show was his favorite to watch back in his youth. "It’s like it never left.”


The 40-year-old agreed to appear on the game show in an effort to raise funds for his inner-city youth football league. With CBS agreeing to match contestant winnings, Snoop walked away with more than $72,000 for his charity. 


“The Snoop Youth Football League is something that we created over seven years ago and it was put together to try to help the inner-city kids with all the gang violence and drugs and negativity,” Snoop said. “We wanted to put something in the community that would be positive, they could do that could be here 20 years from now. A football league is very productive and it's positive and it keeps a lot of kids out of trouble and it shows them how to organize and work together.”


Other celebrities appearing this week include Jenny McCarthy, Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Daughtry and Heidi Klum. Check out a surreal clip of Snoop Dogg in action on "TPR" below. 


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Snoop Dogg a winner on 'The Price is Right'
Rapper rakes in more than $72,000 for his youth football league charity.