For three seasons on FX, documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock hosted a series called "30 Days" that filmed him or some other person(s) immersed in the unfamiliar for a month. Examples included going to prison for 30 days, working for minimum wage, going off-grid, etc.

It's a concept that rocketed him to fame with the 2004 Academy Award-nominated documentary "Super Size Me" — which featured the filmmaker eating nothing but McDonald's grub for 30 days. His fascination with life and time is yet again on display in the new Hulu web series, "A Day in the Life." Spurlock said the idea for the series came to him after speaking with his mother one evening. 

"She was like, 'Oh. I just don't know how you even manage. ... If people only knew what goes into your day,' he told USA Today. "And I was like, 'That's a good idea for a show — but not just my day, anybody's day.'"

Spurlock decided that to capture people's interest, he would follow the days of six accomplished individuals. Those who agreed to be documented include billionaire Richard Branson, Black Eyed Peas frontman, stand-up comedian Russell Peters, indie musician Gregg Gillis (better known as Girl Talk) and ballet dancer Misty Copeland.

"Apart from the Richard Bransons who everybody in the world will know and recognize, we have people who are kind of these very niche successes within their worlds," added Spurlock.

And speaking of Branson, he's front and center for the first episode, which is a dizzying international corporate tag-along with the businessman and his entourage. From London to Chicago, we witness firsthand how 24 hours as the leader of a massive conglomerate like Virgin can be truly overwhelming. 

But give credit to the 61-year-old, who makes the whole thing look easy with a down-to-earth personality and magnanimity that shines both in the spotlight and during more intimate moments. There's even a behind-the-scenes meeting with "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier, who pitches the billionaire on potentially becoming involved with his green lifestyle site, SHFT

Put aside 20 minutes and check out the first episode below. 

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