Steven Speilberg has given us a first look at his upcoming film "War Horse" - and if the sweeping score and soul-stirring vistas are any indication, this one is aiming straight for the heart. 

The story revolves around a friendship between a horse named Joey and a young man called Albert, forcefully parted by the events of WWI and their subsequent journey towards reunion. It's based on both "War Horse", a 1982 children's novel and a 2007 successful stage adaptation of the same name. 

It’s estimated that over 10 million horses lost their lives on both sides during WWI. From Wikipedia:
"Of the million horses that were sent abroad from the UK, only 62,000 returned, the rest dying in the war or slaughtered in France for meat. The Great War had a massive and indelible impact on the male population of the UK: 886,000 men died, one in eight of those who went to war, and 2% of the entire country’s population."
Check out a trailer for the film below. "War Horse" will be released December 28, 2011. Bring tissues. 

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Spielberg's emotional 'War Horse' trailer
New film likely to induce tears before the final credits roll.