Want to make BP suffer for showing so clearly it's very much not beyond petroleum? Now you can exact revenge on BP’s website by spilling virtual oil on it!

Go to instantoilspill.com and type in bp.com to create an instant oil spill. Instant Oil Spill’s a project of A Cleaner Future — a website created by strategic marketing company Mark & Phil and multimedia production company Greener Media to help galvanize a move towards greener energy sources.

Instant Oil Spill on DowChemical's website

While BP’s website’s an obvious target, the Instant Oil Spill can be aimed at any website — like ones from companies greenwashing their image. I’ve included my favorite two here — Dow Chemical’s sustainability page and Monsanto’s “sustainable agriculture” page.

Instant Oil Spill on Monsanto'swebsite

Happy spilling!

Spill oil on greenwashing corporations
Punish ungreen companies by creating instant oil spills on their so-called sustainability pages.