In little less than a decade, Stella McCartney has emerged from the shadow of her famous father to become a groundbreaking fashion designer. The 39-year-old was one of the first to declare that her collections would never use fur or leather and her commitment to the environment was a pioneering moment for high fashion. 

She has just relaunched her official website — and beyond the new navigation, style, e-shop, and integration with social networks like Twitter and Facebook, there's also a more personal touch. From Ecorazzi: 

Click on the “Stella’s World” tab and you’ll find a “Green Me” section where McCartney shares Daily Green Tips, pieces of her environmental philosophies, and answers questions about the green production process of her designs. There’s also a “Charity” section which highlights a few of the organizations that McCartney collaborates with — PETA, Meat Free Monday, and (RED) to name a few.
In addition, the site is also expected to launch an iPad app with more original content.

In a 2009 interview, McCartney dished a bit on her green habits saying, "We use Ecotricity at the studio and at home. We have biodegradable corn shopping bags. We use a hybrid car company when we need to get taxis. I'm obsessed with not chucking away food. I'm lucky enough to have a gardener, so we grow sweet corn, tomatoes, beetroots, cabbages, pumpkins, lettuce. I'm trying to get into blanching it and freezing so I don't have to buy veg over the winter, but then you need loads of freezers, and that's not ideal ... I don't fly nearly as much as I used to, although that's as much about having kids and not wanting to be away as it is about principle."

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Stella McCartney's new website features more green
Sustainable fashion designer relaunches site with environmental tips and advice.