While Stephen Colbert has managed to keep his display of love for J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy novels to a minimum over nine seasons of "The Colbert Report," the upcoming release of the first "Hobbit" film from Peter Jackson is apparently generating too much inner-excitement to contain.  


The 48-year-old is planning a four day block (Dec. 3-6) of "Hobbit"-themed programming - complete with interviews of Sir Ian McKellan, Martin Freeman, director Peter Jackson, and Andy Serkis.


In a statement to EW, Colbert saidElen sila lumenn‘ omentielvo… I mean that sincerely.” (Translation from Elvish: “A star shines upon the hour of our meeting.")


One of the more interesting things we may learn from next week's fun is whether or not Colbert really does have a cameo somewhere in the trilogy. In an interview with Playboy magazine earlier this year, he hinted that a visit last year to the set of the film was more than just a sideline affair. 

"Peter Jackson invited me to the set last year," he said. "I flew out and watched them shoot some scenes and went to some locations. I saw a 25-minute cut, and it was amazing. Jackson knows I'm a big fan of the films."
When asked if he was hired as an extra, Colbert smiled; and in response to the question, "Are you telling us you're in the 'Hobbit' movie?" he responded, with another smile, "Could be."
The Hollywood Reporter added a bit more weight to the rumor by getting word from an inside source that the Comedy Central host really does have a cameo - but will not appear in the first film "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey."
Check out a final trailer for the film, which comes out December 14th, below.

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Stephen Colbert announces 'Hobbit' week
The huge Tolkien fanboy will present four nights of Hobbit-themed programming December 3rd-6th.