Sting has added yet another commercial venture to his resume: Farm shopkeeper.

The 58-year-old, along with his wife Trudi Styler, has for years been producing organic products such as olive oil, acacia honey, wine and salami. Until recently, these delicious foodstuffs have only been available through exclusive outlets in the U.S. and Great Britain, but a new shop called Tenuta il Palagio aims to change that. 

Sting recently celebrated the opening of the new store on his 900-acre Tuscan estate, telling journalists that he believes there is a close harmony between good music and good food. The musician bought the 16th century villa in 1997, employing 15 full-time employees to operate and maintain the farm.

”I came here and I decided to stay and be a farmer, also because I wanted to nourish my family with genuine quality products in a healthy environment," he said back in 2009.

"Everyone knows about my environmental commitment, especially to the rain forests in South America. With this business in Tuscany, I am trying to help myself and those who are close to me to live better in a natural context."

For more on Sting's estate, check out the official site for il Palagio here.

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Sting opens organic shop on his Tuscan farm
Called Tenuta il Palagio, store will sell the organic olive oil, wine and salami produced on the singer's estate.