Musician and environmental activist Sting is getting ready to produce a new film on vertical farming, according to a report by the Deadline blog.

The 58-year-old recently acquired the film rights to the book "The Vertical Farm," which will be published this October. From Deadline: 

The book lays out a system of farming in which food is grown within tall city buildings. [Dickson] Despommier, a professor at Columbia U, has lectured on vertical farms around the world. The film will track the first vertical farm planned to be constructed in a major U.S. city.
That Sting would be interested in pursuing such a project is not surprising. As co-founder of The Rainforest Fund and owner of an organic winery in Tuscany, his interest in sustainable agriculture is far from cursory.

”I am a farmer who looks after the land to nourish it and not to plunder it,” he said in 2009.

Of particular interest is what city Sting's documentary will choose to focus on. There are many reported vertical farming projects on the drawing board for several U.S. cities, including Newark and Chicago. No doubt, the backers of either of those developments would love to have Sting's lens focused on their construction.

Look for this one to be released sometime in the next two years.

via Treehugger

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Sting to produce vertical farming film
Performer has purchased the film rights to 'The Vertical Farm: Feeding Ourselves and the World in the 21st Century'.