A series of desert mirrors

Photos: Shirin Abedinirad


In this surreal installation, Iranian visual artist Shirin Abedinirad uses mirrors and desert sand to create thought-provoking visual commentary on the relationships between human minds and the natural elements like wind and water.

To achieve this, Abedinirad embeds a path of circular mirrors along the slope of a sand dune near Isafan, Iran, and then observes the way the sand and wind interact with them over time. She's titled the work "Evocation," which is defined as the "act of bringing something into the mind or memory."

Desert mirror in sand dunes
Mirror covered by desert sand

The video below demonstrates these hypnotic elemental changes:

It's pretty clear that mirrors are a major point of fascination for Abedinirad. She's actually used them in another one of her projects — an installation titled "Heaven on Earth." In this striking visual, plates of mirror are secured to a staircase in such a way that it almost appears as if you might fall into the sky when stepping on them.

Heaven on earth
Staircase of mirrors
Flight of mirror stairs
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