While the Super Bowl will forever feature cute animals, funny celebrities, and infuriating GoDaddy ads, this year also mixed things up by capitalizing on our fear of the end of the world and our love of zombies and vampires. 


Audi's 'Vampire Party' 

First up is Audi's clever promotion for its new high-efficient LED headlights which feature the tagline "Daylight, now in a headlight." Naturally, this doesn't mean good things for all those vampire yuppies out there who just happen to get caught in the high beams. 




Time Warner Cable's 'Better Anthem' 
I'm assuming that nobody would have expected Time Warner to pull off a quality Super Bowl ad, but the cable company cleverly managed to tie a bunch of themes into one giant apocalyptic commercial. The spot starts with Ricky Gervais (always a good sign) denying someone's friend request on Facebook, with the world around him suddenly spiraling out of control. 
In addition to highlighting a number of network shows that appear on Time Warner, there's also a nice scene where actress Mary-Louise Parker from "Weeds" is chased by what appear to be the zombies from "The Walking Dead." Yes, please. 


Chevy 'Apocalypse' ad
This commercial irked Ford so much that they actually issued a statement debunking Chevy's claims that their truck is "the longest-lasting, most dependable truck on the road" and demanded that the spot be pulled. Chevy didn't back down, saying company officials stood by their claims and that "people who are really worried about the Mayan calendar coming true should buy a Silverado right away."


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Super Bowl ads: Zombies, the apocalypse and vampires
Audi, Chevy and even Time Warner deliver a bit of undead, apocalyptic fun during this year's Super Bowl.