Want an unusual marketing twist to a film all about zombies and the end of the world? How about a movie trailer that never once mentions them? 

In a truncated Super Bowl trailer for "World War Z", the film based on the celebrated novel by Max Brook, Brad Pitt and his family are shown fleeing some kind of nemesis. It becomes clearer towards the end that humanity is being turned into something - but you never actually see anything that would make you go, "Ah, zombies." Nor are they ever mentioned by name. 

Instead, in this cut at least, you're left kind of wondering why the world is crumbling (which I guess is sort of the fun of a "teaser"). But it's an interesting approach considering just how popular zombies are at the moment (I'm looking at you "Walking Dead.") and the massive audience that will be tuning in. You'd think there would be at least one shot of an infected human to hit the point home. Then again, perhaps Director Marc Forster's zombies are so horrifying that CBS would have rejected anything but visual ambiguity.

Check it out below. 

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Super Bowl trailer for 'World War Z' debuts
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