Cast and crew on director Ron Howard's shipwreck disaster film "In the Heart of the Sea" witnessed first-hand the devastating power of water yesterday after "near-typhoon" weather triggered deadly flash flooding and mudslides on the Canary Islands. 

The storm, which killed five people, forced the evacuation of the film set - with Howard tweeting dramatic photos of their escape. 

Howard’s partner at Imagine Entertainment, Brian Grazer, told Pagesix, “There was a near-typhoon, which is very rare for that area. Ron had to shut down the production and get everyone out of there. Thankfully, none of the cast or crew were hurt. Production has been put on hold.”

"In the Heart of the Sea," which stars Chris Hemsworth, is based on the harrowing tale of the loss of the whaling ship Essex in the Pacific Ocean in 1820. Twenty sailors drifted for 90 days; with most dying and the others resorting to cannibalism to stay alive. The tragic incident served as the inspiration for Herman Melville's 1851 novel, Moby-Dick.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel earlier last month, Hemsworth said he was subsisting on 500-600 calories per day to transform his body for the role. 

"It ends up being a couple small salads, a couple pieces of protein, and that's about it, " he told Kimmel. "You go to bed hungry and then you have a fasting period of about 15 hours - and then you (once again) have little meals throughout the day." 

Last month, Howard tweeted a photo showing just how effective the diet was on Hemsworth's originally-muscular "Thor" body. 

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Survival drama 'Heart of the Sea' hit by flash flooding
Ron Howard's epic almost washed away by rare 'near-typhoon' conditions in the Canary Islands.