So the end is finally here, the zombies are coming, and you never got around to reading our undead survival list or purchasing the recommended weapons apocalypse kit. What's a poor uninfected soul to do?

While you still have an Internet connection (and if you're reading this, I assume you do), jump on over to the handy "Map of the Dead" site, plug in your coordinates, and let it show you a color-coded key of all of the locations you'll need to know about in order to survive the next several days.

Doctors, outdoor stores, military bases, airports, and even liquor stores are just some of the resources displayed. Even malls are listed as useful to hole yourself up in - though honestly, I can't think of a more horrible fate then finding myself trapped inside an Abercrombie & Fitch for days on end.

If anything, "Map of the Dead" paints an informative picture of resources in your area that could come in handy during any type of natural disaster, be it a hurricane or a pandemic. In my case, I'll be fleeing to the hills. The only thing showing up in my neck of the woods are two icons labelled "cemetery."

via neatorama

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Survive the zombie apocalypse with this online map
'Map of the Dead' will reveal everything you need to outwit the undead.