While much of the focus leading up to the 2010 Emmy Awards was centered on such pop-culture hits as "Mad Men" and "Glee", the biggest surprise winner of the evening was none other than the HBO biopic "Temple Grandin".

The movie tells the true story of Grandin (played by Claire Danes), who struggled to cope with autism before much was known about the disease. Despite obstacles, she went on to earn a doctorate in animal science, became a university professor, and published an autobiography about her experiences. She has since become a renowned public advocate for those born on the autistic spectrum.

Grandin has often said that her autism makes her acutely sensitive to the feelings of farm animals — and as such, she's received numerous awards and recognition for her work in animal science and the humane treatment of animals.

HBO's take on her life came away with five Emmys — including outstanding made-for-TV movie. Have a look at the trailer below, or to learn more about her life, visit the official site here.

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'Temple Grandin' scores 5 Emmys
HBO biopic tells the story of one woman's struggle to cope with autism and fit into the modern world.