It's easy to say that last year's "The Force" Super Bowl commercial from Volkswagen did to the competition what the Death Star did to the planet Alderaan.


Geek references aside, it destroyed it. 


The incredibly creative and original ad features a little boy dressed as Darth Vader trying his hardest to use the force to move objects like his dog, a bowl, etc. His final effort is the family's Volkswagen, which his father surreptiously remotely starts from the kitchen — causing the kid to freak out that it actually worked. 


The ad was the clear favorite during the big game and long afterwards. It has over 47 million views on Youtube and has received countless accolades, including Best in Show for 2011 from Ad Week


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Fast forward a year and all signs point to Volkswagen once again channeling the force to conjure more magic for the brand during the Super Bowl. The automaker recently released a teaser ad called "The Bark Side" featuring a number of dogs — yes, dogs — barking out the tune to the "Imperial March" from "Star Wars."


The teaser is so well produced that it could have done just fine on its own, but Volkswagen insists that this is simply a preview of what's to come. We can't wait.


Check out these intergalactic pups below: 


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