If the idea of throwing down $250,000 for a ticket to space feels a bit out of this world, how about a more grounded $10?

That's the minimum donation needed for a shot at a private ride aboard the Lynx Mark II, a commercial spacecraft currently under development in the Mojave desert. The caused-based Urgency Network, which raises money for non-profits while giving contributors once-in-a-lifetime experiences, is behind the "Ticket to Rise" campaign. Over 30 organizations - like PETA, the David Lynch Foundation, and Teen Cancer America - can be championed by participants. Your chances of winning increase as you either share or add more money to your campaign. Even better, for every $1M raised before the July 21st deadline, another ticket to space is added to the pool. 

The XCOR Lynx Mark II is expected to soar to an altitude of 103 kilometers (310,000 feet) above the Earth - a height designated as "deep space". XCOR Aerospace hopes to have the first commercial flights take place in 2015. Unlike Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo, which can hold six passengers and two pilots, the Lynx can only accomodate one pilot and one passenger. CEO Jeff Greason, however, considers that an advantage. 

"You're in the cockpit with the pilot, not in a cabin with five strangers," he told Sapce.com last year. "It's your flight, and the windows are bigger. Also, you don't have to deal with the possibility of other passengers getting sick, and if you have to vomit yourself, you don't need to feel embarrassed."

Check out the promo video for "Ticket to Ride" below. To enter for a chance to win, hit the official site here

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The cheapest ticket to space is now only $10
Cause-focused Urgency Network is raffling off a private trip to space aboard the Lynx Mark II.