This week's dramatic rescue of 33 Chilean miners after 69 days trapped under the surface made for some emotional and dramatic television. How well does that translate into a video game? Eh.

Chilean design firm Root33 came up with the Flash game, recreating the ups and downs of the capsule that carried each man to the surface. Your goal is to move your mouse to turn the wheel and rescue each miner as fast as possible. In the process, if you can read Spanish, you'll learn both the names and specialized skills of your passenger — and you might pull something in your hand/wrist.

If you'd rather not be bored to tears, you can shed some real ones by checking out the emotional reunion of some of the trapped miners and their families below. Otherwise, try your hand at staging your own rescue by jumping here.

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The Chilean miners rescue game
Now you can help the rescue the Chilean miners in this mind-numbingly boring video game.