As soon as I heard Morrissey had appeared on the "The Colbert Report," I knew something vegetarian-related had gone down. 


You see, Morrissey is what you would call a "militant vegetarian" in that he absolutely refuses to perform or step into a situation that might involve meat. In 2009, he famously backed this up by leaving a stage at the Coachella Festival in California because of the smell of cooking meat; stating "I can smell burning flesh and I hope to God it's human."


So it was without surprise that during the interview last night (which was hilariously awkward) Colbert revealed to his audience that for one day his entire staff and studio had gone animal-free. "If I'm a little woozy right now it's because I haven't had my bacon," Colbert joked to the 53-year-old. 


Explaining his meat-free stance, Morrissey said "Animals are nicer than humans and they're conscious beings...," prompting Colbert to quip, "Well, I know a lamb that's a f**king a**hole. Can I eat him?" and later asking if he could eat a pig that had "committed suicide after listening to too many of your records.”


Of course, this is classic Colbert — we’re just not necessarily sure if Morrissey was in on the joke. Remember, Stephen loves animals. Who could forget his phenomenal takedown in August of Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King for his comments on dogfighting?


Check out the interview below:


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'The Colbert Report' goes vegetarian for a day
Comedian Stephen Colbert agrees to turn the studio and his diet into an animal-free zone for one day to land an exclusive interview with activist rocker Morriss