If I had to choose one dominant movie theme for 2013, the demise of modern civilization and the world that comes next would certainly lead the pack. 

Not only do we have Brad Pitt's "World War Z" (zombie apocalypse), but also Tom Cruise's "Oblivion" (alien invasion apocalypse), Will Smith's "After Earth," (climate change apocalypse) and now Laurence Fishburne's "The Colony" (ice age apocalypse). 

What I enjoy about the new trailer for "The Colony" is how much time appears to have been spent researching exactly how humans would deal with radical climate change. From what we learn in the preview, runaway global warming caused man to create massive weather manipulation stations which apparently backfired and triggered another ice age. Due to the freezing temps and deep snow, everyone is forced underground to survive. These "colonies" of humans have to adapt by keeping bees, growing plants, and generating their own power via surface wind farms. Unfortunately, as most science fiction films go, all is not well with some of the remaining humans and chaos ensues. From the synopsis:

"Plagued by sickness and internal conflict, and running short on supplies, the members of Colony 7 suspect the worst when they manage to lose contact with the only known other survivors in neighboring Colony 5. When they set out to discover the fate of the others, the team discover a threat much worse than nature and desperately battle to save themselves in what just might be humanity’s last stand."

Fun! Check out the trailer for "The Colony" below.  

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'The Colony' trailer teases a frozen post-apocalyptic Earth
New science fiction film imagines a future where climate change has created a new ice age and forced humans underground.