Will Los Angeles Sparks fans reuse bags, recycle better, and plant wildflower seeds today? At the women’s basketball team L.A. Sparks’ Go Green Night last night, attendees were treated to green gifts — including reusable tote bags and wildflower seeds from the sponsor Waste Management — and eco-lifestyle tips on the big screens.

Eco-tips on the screen at Los Angeles Sparks Go Green Night at the Staples Center

During breaks, kids were brought down to the court to play quick eco-minded games — like grabbing and throwing items in the correct trash bins. And the team’s dance group SparKids (below, performing a Michael Jackson tribute) pranced about while throwing reusable tote bags at fans — some of who were so eager  to stop using disposable plastic bags that they jumped up and down waving their hands hoping to get a tote pitched in their direction.


Lots of eco-groups — ranging from nonprofits like Sustainable Works to government programs like Air Quality Management District to green businesses like Green Print — also dispensed green info and advice at tables in the concession areas.

A booth at Los Angeles Sparks Go Green Night at the Staples CenterSo was the actual game green? Well, the carbon footprint of  the Staples Center isn’t exactly small, and the amount of non-recyclable trash I saw getting created by the fans eating not-so-green food from McDonalds was a bit frightening. But hopefully the Sparks’ first ever Go Green Night will spark more eco-friendly ideas for future games.

Sadly the Sparks lost to Phoenix Mercury last night — but I’ve still discovered a new love for women’s basketball! If you’re an environmentalist and a Sparks fan, join the Sparks players and coaches for a beach cleanup this Sunday.

Photos by Siel

The first green Sparks game
L.A. Sparks fans got little green tips and treats at the team's first Go Green Night.