Two years ago, high school student Jack Berry set his mind on making a musical instrument.  He wanted to build a guitar, but all he had to work with at the time was recycled items laying around the house.  Not to be deterred, Berry built a guitar - using an old cereal box and a yard stick.  Little did he know he was about to spark an idea that would build a band.


When Berry brought his make-shift guitar in to school, his friend Ollie Gray had the idea to get some of their friends together and make a band that played music exclusively on instruments made from trash.  And thus The Garbage Men was born.


The Garbage Men is now comprised of five high school students from Sarasota, Florida who play classic hits from the 50's, 60's, and 70's on instruments made entirely from recycled materials.  They use their music to  promote recycling, and raise funds for various charities. 


Check out a few of their instruments:


The bass guitar that started it all.  Made from a Froot Loops box and a yard stick.




E-flat Contrabass Bugle made from re-purposed PVC pipe and a traffic cone for the bell.













Drum Kit featuring a paint bucket snare, water jug toms, compost bin bass drum, metal trash can lid cymbals, tin can cowbell, and a porcelain bowl gong.






So how do they sound?  Check them out here:


The Garbage Men can currently be found playing various festivals and community events in Florida, but they also just completed a whirl-wind tour in New York City, complete with a stop at CNN and a show in Times Square. 


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The Garbage Men make beautiful music from trash
Florida high schoolers create trashy rock using instruments made entirely from recycled materials.