Louis Pearl, the Amazing Bubble Man

Photos: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The Amazing Bubble Man, also known as Louis Pearl, is framed by an enormous donut-shaped bubble on July 30 while rehearsing his act for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Pearl, who likes to incorporate a bubble science lesson into his comedic act, kicked off his career in the '80s with a regular bubble show at San Francisco's Exploratorium. Today, he tours a West Coast circuit of schools and theatres, as well as a handful of international bookings like the Fringe Fest.

In addition to eccentric acts like Pearl's, the annual Fringe Fest attracts thousands of artists across the globe, including dancers, actors, comedians and musicians. With more than 2,500 performances spread out across 279 venues, the month-long event is the world's largest arts festival.

* * *
Louis Pearl, the Amazing Bubble Man, make a smoke bubble

Pearl fills a large bubble with smoke as part of his act.

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Louis Pearl, the Amazing Bubble Man, with a smoke-filled bubble

And this is what happens when he lets go.

* * *
Louis Pearl, the Amazing Bubble Man, forms many bubbles inside one bubble

Dozens of small bubbles are seen inside a larger bubble crafted by Pearl.

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