The British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards (BAFTAs), the British equivalent of the Oscars, took place this weekend in London — a truly perfect place for a "King" to rule the outcome.

"The King's Speech," which tells the story of stuttering King George VI, came away with seven awards out of 14 nominations. Not surprisingly, Colin Firth racked up yet another Best Actor award, with co-stars Helena Bonham Carter scoring Best Supporting Actress and Geoffrey Rush doing the same for the gents.

"It is amazing that this little film — and it is about two men in a room  — seems to have spoken to the world, and I am deeply moved by that," said the film's writer, David Seidler, who won for Best Original Screenplay. "Let me tell you, for a stutterer, a stammerer, to be heard, is a wonderful thing."

Film aside, it was also another night for Livia Firth, wife of the actor, to wear yet another sustainable gown for her 2011 Green Carpet Challenge. She chose Norwegian designer Nina Skarra.

“Yes, I’m having a Rita Hayworth moment!,” wrote Livia. “Here we are just about to leave for the BAFTAs earlier this evening. Every time I think I can’t find a better dress for the Green Carpet Challenge, I find a better dress! You will, of course, be the ultimate judge, but I absolutely love this Nina Skarra dress.”

On her website, Skarra says that she’s serious about sustainable fashion. “Every stage in the value chain is addressed, like ecological raw material, nontoxic colour processing, fair labour, packaging, shipment, distribution, and design for long-lasting garments.”

Check out Firth's acceptance speech at the BAFTAs below:

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'The King's Speech' sweeps BAFTAs
Colin Firth scores Best Actor award in the last major event leading up to the Oscars.