Critics may not have thought much of "The Lorax" (or its questionable marketing tie-ins), but if last weekend's opening numbers are any indication, the Dr. Seuss tale is a giant hit with families. 


The film, which expands upon the original environmental classic, scored a record-breaking $70.7 million at the box office, absolutely crushing expectations for the animated adventure. "The result is phenomenal. Word of mouth was great, and that's why Saturday was up 80 percent from Friday. It's just spectacular," Nikki Rocco, Universal president of domestic distribution, told The Hollywood Reporter


Adding weight to the public's desire for more family friendly films in cinemas, nearly 70 percent of moviegoers turning out for "Lorax" were parents with kids under the age of 12.


While critics slammed the film with such descriptions as a "merry, song-filled, candy-colored thing that's as hollow as a cheap chocolate bunny," kids were thrilled. 


"I read the reviews but my four-year-old enjoyed it and it kept his attention the whole time," wrote one parent over on Gawker. "And he did a cute little dance to the music over the end credits. That to me makes the movie a success."


It's true — while "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax" movie may not be a true interpretation of the book us adults all grew up loving, for children it's an entertaining wonder. And on a weekend when theaters featured adult fare like "Project X," "Act of Valor" and "This Means War," it's no wonder the only true family flick on the marquee crushed the competition. 


What's next? Well, at the end of the book, the boy does receive the last Truffala Tree seed with instructions to re-introduce and re-establish it. Can you say sequel? 


Check out a trailer for the film below — and if you did see it, let us know what you thought in the comments! 


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'The Lorax' stuns with $70M opening weekend
Despite weak reviews, the big-screen interpretation of Dr. Seuss' environmental classic delivers huge numbers.