Taking your own bag to the grocery store’s so 2006 — though of course, you should keep doing it! But if you’re ready to move your eco-kitchen skills to the next, greener level, check out these three new resources to hone your enviro-skills for 2009.

>> Green Your Diet Now. This very informative article was written by — yours truly! Read it to learn about the 24 fresh ways to reduce your foodprint — from how to best calculate how many kegs of organic beer you'll need for your next green party, to why you should adopt a plate-half-full attitude at your next neighborhood BBQ.

>> Climate Change: Simple Things You Can Do to Make a Difference. This pocket-sized, 96-page booklet covers a lot more than just food, but contains some excellent cooking tips. This small guide will tell you how best to boil water or toast toast as an environmentalist — and even how to keep your kettle free of mineral deposits. Written by Amanda Cuthbert and Jon Clift, Climate Change is yours for $7.95.

>> Cooking Green: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in the Kitchen — the New Green Basics Way. This comprehensive book by Kate Heyhoe, editor of The Global Gourmet, will explain why you should bake less and stir fry more. Cooking Green’s for the serious eco-foodie who’s ready to go beyond just reducing red meat consumption to stress about everything from the color of a pilot light to the benefits of pre-soaking ingredients. This book’s official publish date is March 30, but you can pre-order the $17.95 paperback now on Amazon.

The new green kitchen
3 resources to move your eco-kitchen skills to the next green level.