NBC's 7th "Green Week" of eco-themed programming kicks off this Sunday, and the network has big plans for more than 40 television and digital properties across the company.

As mentioned earlier, the big event will be Brian Williams' exclusive (and rare) hour-long interview with Britain's Prince Charles. Immediately following will be the premiere of the documentary "Harmony", which details the prince's efforts to combat climate change and find innovative solutions to the global environmental crisis.

For me, the real treat is seeing how some of my favorite series incorporate green themes into their story lines. Last year, "The Office" featured Dwight Shrute dressed as a cyborg called "Recyclops"; who vowed to protect and then destroy the planet. "30 Rock" had a cameo by Gore — who dressed as lightbulb-changing janitor.

This year, Al isn't slated to appear — though Liz Lemon apparently will crack a few green jokes. "The Office" will feature boss Michael Scott encouraging recycling and Dwight "penning a poem to Mother Earth."

In addition, shows like “Chase,” “Law and Order,” “Undercovers" and Parenthood" will also be getting some green themes. 

To see the full programming schedule, check out NBC's "Green Is Universal" site here

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'The Office' to highlight recycling
Series but one of many to tackle environmental issues during NBC's Green Week.