As part of this year's "Treehouse of Horror" special, expect Bart Simpson to go green. 


Not in the environmentally friendly way, but as an alien avatar in a spoof on James Cameron's blockbuster. According to the release, Bart and Milhouse will travel to a distant planet with the mission of extracting a precious mineral, but they'll need to take the form of native beings to earn their trust. 


Instead of the blue Na'vi made famous in Cameron's film, the aliens here will be of the hilarious, octopus-like Kang and Kodos variety.


And for all those fans worried about rumors concerning the series' demise, you can put those aside. FOX earlier this month announced two more seasons (24 and 25), giving them plenty of time to parody whatever new adventures Cameron has dreamed up for Pandora. 


Check out a preview of the "Avatar" spoof below and catch the show on Oct. 30 on Fox. 


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