The SyFy original "Sharknado" may never make anyone's Top 100 list of great movies, but no one can deny the B movie was one of the more entertaining pieces of 2013

For Ian Ziering, who starred in the film about airborne sharks attacking Los Angeles, taking on the role was not something he was initially sold on. At least, that is, until his wife Erin convinced him otherwise. 

“I was really apprehensive, but as an actor I get my insurance from the Screen Actor’s Guild by union, and you have to make so much every year to get that type 1 insurance,” he told ABC News. “Halfway through the script, I said to my wife, ‘Honey, I don’t know about this.’ She didn’t miss a beat, she said, ‘Look, you’re going to have two babies [by] this spring, you need to go to work.”

Ziering, 49, added that while he had his doubts the film would be any good, he really had no choice but to throw caution to the wind. "I probably would have passed on it," he said. "But now it’s not just me, I’m providing for a wife and two kids.”

After reading through the whole script, Ziering says he realized the film could actually be a lot of fun. 

“I continued reading the script and saw I got to chainsaw my way out of the belly of a shark and said, ‘Hey this may not be so bad,’” he added. “I have so much fun doing what I’m doing, I forget sometimes, I do this for a living.”

In an interview with The Frisky, Ziering confirmed that negotiations are underway for him to reprise his role for "Sharknado 2." 

Check out his famous chainsaw scene from the movie below. 

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The surprising reason Ian Ziering took on 'Sharknado'
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