For some environmentalists, the reusable bag is a pesky accessory that they always forget to carry. For others, totes are a fashion statement — one they never leave home without. Both types can get some eco-inspiration from “The Tote Bag,” a new book that celebrates some of the best in tote bag design.

Oh — and the book comes with, you guessed it — a tote bag!

After all, tote bags are highly multifunctional — as makeshift pillowcases, laptop cushions and in as this case, a book cover. The text of “The Tote Bag” doesn’t focus on the repurposing of tote bags much, but it does emphasize reusability. “The tote bag is an eco product for this century, destined to replace plastic bags,” is how the author Jitesh Patel begins the introduction to his book.

If you’re marveling about how an entire book could be dedicated to tote bags, you likely haven’t visited Jitesh’s popular blog, Tote Prints, which showcases tote bag designs. “The Tote Bag” is like an edited down version of the blog, with colorful photos featuring the work of more than 120 illustrators and graphic designers around the world.

The featured tote designs run the gamut, from simple typography with sassy messages to whimsical nature-themed paintings to cute cartoon characters. Many designs have an eco-bent, my favorite being Adrian Johnson’s “Resistance is Fertile” with its smart anti clear-cutting message.

The Tote Bag” makes for an entertaining coffee table book or a nice green gift for a designer friend who’s looking for creative inspiration — not to mention a nice tote bag. Pick up a copy and a tote for $24.95.

'The Tote Bag': A book and bag in one
A new book featuring the best in tote bag design comes with a cloth book cover -- that opens into a reusable tote bag.