Sawyer Fredericks was crowned the winner of NBC's "The Voice" Tuesday night, capping off an incredible journey from the fields on his family's farm in upstate New York to national fame in Los Angeles.

"To have America just embrace my music and embrace me has been amazing," the 16-year-old said during the finale. "I almost don't know what to say. I can say 'thank you,' but it's just not enough."

Fredericks, who began playing guitar and writing original music only five years ago, said that while "The Voice" has been an incredible experience, he's eager to go home and reestablish a connection with nature.

"I'm really just excited to be able to get back to work on the farm and just really take in the open space and the nature around my home is just amazing," Fredericks said at a news conference earlier this week.

Sawyer and his family work the land and animals at their Windrake Farm in Fultonville, New York — an 88-acre spread that includes 20 cattle, dairy cows, pigs, chickens, and even a guard donkey. According to the farm's Facebook page, all livestock and crops are raised according to humane and organic practices.

"When the animals need you, it doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, super hot or freezing cold, or if you’re tired and just not in the mood," he told the Register Star's Growing the Land. "The farm must go on, just like the show."

Fredericks' parents say it was early on that they noticed their youngest son's attraction to music. “He was always singing, everything he heard, even commercials,” Kirsten Fredericks told the paper. After learning the guitar, Sawyer started composing and singing songs all around the farm, a habit he mentions in his own personal bio.

"If you’re visiting Windrake Farm in Fultonville, NY, and you’re looking for Sawyer Fredericks, it’s best to be very quiet and listen," he writes. "You should be able to hear him singing, whether he’s bringing hay to the cows, collecting eggs, riding his quad, or playing Elder Scrolls Online."

Pharrell Williams, who served as Frederick's coach on "The Voice," said Sawyer's commitment to being who he is and not changing in the spotlight should serve as an inspiration for other aspiring artists.

"He's humble and he's proud of being a farm hand and he's named all of his animals, believe it or not," People quoted him as saying. "Straight up. He has this amazing life that he wouldn't trade for anything."

Check out a clip of one of Frederick's winning performances from "The Voice" below.

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'The Voice' winner Sawyer Fredericks is an upstate NY farmer
16-year-old entertainer says he's excited to return to his family's 88-acre farm and 'take in the open space and nature around my home.'