As evidenced by last month's 4-minute Comic-Con trailer, "The Walking Dead's" fourth season will feature more zombies, more characters, and by all accounts, a much more sustainable group of survivors. 

As time drags by in the series' post-apocalyptic world overrun with zombies, it makes sense that Rick and Co. would sooner or later stop driving everywhere and start thinking about more traditional means of transportation. We already saw glimpses of the badass zombie killer Michonne riding a horse - and according to executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, her new choice of transportation heralds a shift in resource management. 

“One of the most compelling images is Michonne finding a new and possibly a lot more reliable type of transportation,” she tells EW. “With gas at a premium, with the fact that vehicles break down, I think we would return to the days of horseback riding and you can graze them as you go in a place like Georgia. You don’t have to carry food for them. They feed themselves, so to speak. It goes along with the new approach this season of sustainability. With a horse, you can go through the woods. You can get around obstacles. You can’t do that in a vehicle. If a tree falls and blocks the road, you can’t go through the forest. You’re not going to make it through. It’s actually much more of a useful choice. Not only that, but Michonne looks so badass on it.”

Besides horses, the survivors are also embracing growing their own food within the prison grounds. 

"We've had another winter and we've consolidated the prison — and I'm a farmer now," said actor Andrew Lincoln in a recent behind-the-scenes video.

As for Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne, she says that while learning how to ride a horse was an intense process, she can totally understand why her character would find the option so rewarding. 

"I love it. I love it now. And I totally get why Michonne would love it. It’s such a freeing experience, it’s you and this one creature and you don’t have to talk," she tells EW. "And it does what you say, but it’s also this old being and it gets you where you need to go. It has this perfect function. It’s just a fantastic animal. So, I so get why she would jump on it and feel free. It’s like going into her man cave."

Check out a trailer for Season 4 below: 

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'The Walking Dead' finally embraces horse travel
As the hit AMC series moves towards the launch of Season 4 of the zombie apocalypse, sustainable travel options become more necessary.